Photography has been my abiding passion for nearly 50 years. After a very brief flirtation
with colour slides in the mid 1970's, I began using black and white film and have remained faithful to the medium. Over the years I have used nearly all of the available conventional B&W films, including Kodak Trix, Ilford HP5, FP4, Pan F, Fuji Acros,etc, and Kodak Infra-red film.
With my photography I strive to make an interpretive image as opposed to recording what is in front of the camera. I take that approach through into the darkroom with my printing, trying to create images that are suggestive rather than descriptive.

Since the early 1980s’ my work has regularly been accepted in national and international salons, and in 2000, I achieved a Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society (FRPS) in the visual arts section, with a panel of twenty monochrome darkroom prints.

David Lingham FRPS