Behind the picture

Westdale Bay
Westdale Bay in Pembrokeshire West Wales is called a wild beach, as it has no amenities, and with access a 20mins walk from the nearest car park in Dale. The bay is small compared to Marloes Sands its more famous neighbour, and is possibly only 200 metres across at low tide. I have taken a variety of different pictures from this bay on the numerous times I have been there. Ranging from long exposure minimalist, to imitate detailed studies of the sand and tidal patterns. As you look out to sea, an interesting rock structure is on the left of the bay, with Skokholm Island further out in the channel. Part of the beach has an interesting steep slope, that can be used for create interesting surf patterns when there is a fast receding tide.


The picture above shows my camera and tripod in position, then below the resulting picture taken with a 20mm lens. Next a long exposure image of 3mins with a 10stop ND filter isolating the black rock by using a 105mm lens. Then an image showing both rocks and the surf patterns.

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